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Tan Geili soap bar to fight demodex and acne



Tan Geili soap from bamboo charcoal and sulphur is a product on intimate care combining advanced functioning and technology with active protection and sensational feeling. Bamboo charcoal and sulphur are the main components of the most basic ingredient essential to life – carbon element. The external surface of the bamboo charcoal is covered with both smaller and bigger oval shaped holes providing absorbing and cleansing abilities which contribute to effective antibacterial action.

The bamboo charcoal contains about one sixth of organic diamonds which allow for deep cleansing of the skin pores from dirt and sebum. It also lifts and freshens the skin; controls its greasing and provides hydration. During a long term use it not only provides the skin protection but also stimulates the secretion of the elements preserving the young looks, contributes to regenerative and protective abilities of the skin cells leaving the skin lifted and silky smooth.

A special ingredient of monocrystalline volcanic sulphur strengthens antibacterial and anti dust mite effect. Using Tan Geili soap with bamboo charcoal and sulphur is like bathing in cesar’s volcanic thermal springs! You will feel the difference after one application!

Recommended for: persons above 12 years of age, especially for people with low skin immunity. Skin which is quickly aging, prone to inflammations, with undesirable marks as side effects of metabolism. Skin with acne, oily skin, with roughness, eruptions and scabies.

Bamboo coal + sulphur remove the dirt and stop the itching
It has been proven on a trial basis that Tan Geili may effectively fight the germs commonly occurring on human skin.
Hands looking seemingly clean may still be polluted by germs.
Bacteria, pollutants and other harmful substances may be effectively fought against with the use of Tan Geili.
Staphylococcus aurous bacteria were used during the trials.

How to use:
The soap may be used several times a day depending on individual needs. Spread on wet skin until the foam is created and then rinse with water. It is perfect for traditional bathing as well as having a shower.

Nanoactive sulphur, sodium from palm seeds oil, glycerine, nanopowdered bamboo charcoal, carbonate of lime, titanium dioxide, disodium EDTA, aroma

Possible allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Others were not indicated.

It is best to keep the soap in a separate container. The expiry time is three years from the manufacturing date.

In case of soap getting into eyes immediately rinse it with cold water.

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  1. Monica

    It cleans skin very deeply and skin is so smooth. Because it has sulfur skin is little dry. I use it for entire body.

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