Returns and complaints

  1. Purchased products are replaceable only if they demonstrate a manufacturer defect such as: invalid consistency of cream, incomplete or damaged packaging or an expired product etc.
  2. Defective or incorrect products will be replaced with a new one within 7 working days from the date of receiving returned one.
  3. Return and exchange of products are possible if the products show no signs of damage resulting from the actions of the person who ordered them, and they are in original packaging.
  4. When the customer receives a parcel that is damaged, incomplete, flooded or destroyed in any other way, he/she is obliged to report it to the courier. In case of not doing so,  service reserves the right not to give a positive consideration to the complaints.
  5. Upon receiving the parcel which bears visible signs of damage, a courier -at the request of the recipient- is obliged to write a report accounting the fact of any damage, and a statement describing the circumstance in which it might have occurred..
    The driver / courier should hold a set of documents and, if necessary, fill them with the person receiving the shipment.
  6. Products that have not been delivered to the customer are also subject to complaint.
  7. service is not responsible for the shipment’s incorrect address or personal data provided by the customer and therefore reserves the right to re-send the product to the customer at his/her own expense.
  8. Should the addressee not pick up the package within a particular time thus resulting in its return to the place of origin, re-shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  9. Please use contact form to request a return.
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