1) How do I use Zhongzhou ointment and XFML cream ?
Apply products to a face washed with lukewarm water and soap. If possible use the one that removes acarid. Dry your face with a soft towel, not totally – it helps to apply the cream if the skin is a little bit wet. The product should be applied in small dots all over your face and then rubbed gently into the skin. The application should take place twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Applying the cream before sleep is especially important.

While undergoing therapy, the use of cosmetics should be restricted or even banned. To help your immune system reach a full potential, you may supplement your body with vitamin B2 (riboflavin) by having daily dosage of 5-10 mg. Also any additional help to your immunity is recommended.

For the best results, the ointment and cream should be used interchangeably – XFML when you wake up and Zhongzhou when you go to bed. Also the treatment should be continued even after there are no symptoms visible as Demodex folliculorum should be treated for 90 days and Demodex brevis for 120 days.
Please remember that the products are designed for external use only. Do not swallow them.

2) Is sensation of warm or cold after product application normal ?
It is perfectly normal to feel warmth or cold – it is felt after application of Zhongzhou ointment (cooling effects due to mint) and Xin Fumanling cream respectively.
People react with a runny nose or tears when first applying the ointment. However, the sensation becomes less felt and gradually vanishes with each application in the treatment process.

3) Ticking worse in the evening and at night.
It happens due to Demodex activity. It is a nocturnal organism. They appear on the skin surface to mate and prolong the existence of their species when it is safe and conditions are favourable. You may feel an increased sensation of tickling or itching at night as they move on the surface then.

4)What are the most commons Demodex activity symptoms ?
Although sometimes there are no signs of Demodex present, itching and a sensation of crawling can be felt in areas where they are present (face and skin on the head).
Other signs might include enlarged pores on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, reddening of the face skin (rosacea), problems with capillaries, development of acne, and brandy nose.

Face area tickling mainly happens in the evening and at night in areas of the cheeks, nose, and forehead. This is the most active period for the mites – the time when they mate. Many infected people treat it as a normal thing, and scratching is an automatic reflex. They do not even notice it or realize that they scratch their face.
Skin on the head area tickling for reasons like dandruff, or other parasites like lice contributing to the scratching sensation, should be eliminated from diagnosis and then appropriate treatment introduced.
Loss of hair. This can be caused by prolonged and extensive activity of Demodex folliculorum.
Dilated pores. It usually begins on the cheeks and nose area.
Acne. Spots, eruptions, and pustules are popular forms of it.
Reddened skin. Nose, forehead, and cheeks are primary affected areas.
Eyelashes itching. Many times the eyelashes are thinning and falling out.

Also : Eyebrows itching. Excessive production of facial oils. Rosacea of demodectic origin. Puffy nose.

5) Reaction to Demodex
Demodex mites cause problems to skin in which they live; they damage cell walls and suck nutritional substances from inside hair follicles and hair roots. They do so during their entire life. Irritation is often caused by mating, laying eggs, living inside the skin, multiplying bacteria, producing waste, and dying. Even when their bodies decompose, the waste is then released and causes inflammation.

According to research, Demodex is a parasite of pathogenic characteristics. The problem appears when a large number of mites are combined with lowered immunity. Skin irritation caused by the mechanical and chemical action of mites may trigger immune reaction in various forms such as skin eruptions, local redness, and inflammation.
The skin inflammation caused by adolescent mite and rosacea signs is often perceived as adolescent acne.
In around 60% of people with skin inflammation, rosacea developed in 2.44% and acne-like inflammation in 7.56% as illustrated by note 1 and according to the conducted study.

Skin structure and its beauty become damaged in case of misdiagnosed treatment and lack of testing.
Rough and ugly facial skin appears as the condition continues to repeat, causing its destruction.
Without timely intervention, good diagnoses and appropriate therapy, the inflammation will be repeated. Also changes to skin can develop. The pathology may happen in the form of hair follicles with dilated openings, dilated pores, capillaries that can be damaged and widened, cell hyperplasia, and facial and nose area cell growth.

As it can be seen, the mites can cause extensive harm to your skin.

6) How long I need to continue treatment ?
The therapy is designed to get rid of the problem and destroy the mites, which can be confirmed by a test. Even when they are no signs of their presence, it does not mean they all disappeared. A break in therapy in the wrong moment and may result in their quick multiplication and re-infestation of your face. The visible effects of treatment can be observed very soon, but the treatment may last up to a few months. The feeling of itching may disappear within one month.

Demodex folliculorum should be treated for 90 days and Demodex brevis for 120 days of uninterrupted therapy.

Most of the mites die after the initial stage of treatment. However, it is recommended to use the products for 120 days to eliminate them. A simple test can help to determine if they are still there or if they are gone

7) Testing the infection is very important
A correct diagnosis is at the heart of a correct treatment so taking a test provides you with the best way to find out if mites are the cause of your skin condition. It is recommended to use the services of an experienced dermatologist to perform the test and approve the treatment, but in case of lack of access to it, a self-test is also possible provided you are able to use a microscope. The instructions can be found online (a short movie) so you or the doctor can consult it. We may also answer any questions regarding the procedure. A positive result causes a person to take up treatment and continue it as they are more motivated so as to the appropriateness and estimated results. After the cure is finished, it is recommended to repeat the test to confirm lack of mites – please do so even if there are no symptoms of infection as the condition may return.

8) Intake of vitamins
Your immune system needs a facilitator. Among the most known, easily accessible means is vitamin B2 (riboflavin) which can be taken three times day in doses of 5-10mg.

9) Spreading of Demodex
Demodex mites can be easily transmitted from one person to another through either shared use of combs or towels or by touching or kissing someone. You can become infected by a person who is unaware of mite infestation or who presents no signs of it. However, it does not mean you will develop a condition since around 10% of the infected individuals present the symptoms on their skin.

It happens due to changes in immune systems and general health condition of individuals, but the true reason has not been known. Having said that, the condition may develop for many months or even years without symptoms and you may infect others without knowing it and vice versa.

10) Choice of appropriate ointment
The main difference between the ointments is that Xin Fumanling apart from herbs also contains mentronidazole (3%). Zhongzhou is based on natural ingredients. The creams come from different manufacturers too.

For less irritating skin reactions, it is better to use Zhongzhou product as a feeling of itching and redness may appear in some users after applying Xin Fumanling ointment. Don’t worry, it will disappear as soon as you stop applying the ointment.

The use of both products enables the best results. We recommend a morning application of Fumanling and evening use of Zhongzhou. The effects vary per person, but if your skin reaction to both products is good then there is no reason to use only one as they complement each other. If you, however, develop redness or itching, use only the one without additional ingredients. And please remember that the evening application is the most important one.

11) Can Demodex mites be a cause of teenage acne?
Yes, they can. Demodex mites are responsible for 90% of teenage acne; bacteria cause 10% of it. Sebaceous glands excrete more sebum at this age. Hormonal changes also contribute to acne. Facial skin then is an appropriate environment for breeding and thriving of mites and ultimately developing the acne. 150 clinics use for treatment ZhongZhou Medical Ointment, data reports.

12) Unawareness during Demodex mite infection
The medical profession does not seem to pay attention to the problems people have due to this cause so infected persons may not know that Demodex causes their condition. Correct diagnosis speeds up the treatment and inhibits mites from reproducing, preventing damage to the skin in this way.

13) Demodex mites and the beauty of your skin
Mites could be eliminated even when their presence is not yet discovered, before the condition starts to be harmful to you.
Closed pores are a sign of healthy skin, so close them with our ointment. (They are widened due to Demodex activity.) Keep the effect for your beauty and health. Using rich cosmetics contributes to mite infection as they thrive on the nutrients included in creams. When you eliminate the mites, the cosmetics you are using will only help to make your skin look better and not to provide for parasites on your face.

Another effect caused by Demodex are thinned eyelashes or their loss as the mites live in their roots.

14) The use of makeup during therapy
It is recommended to reduce the amount and frequency of using makeup as it makes the treatment less effective and extends the length of it. Occasional delicate makeup is not a problem, but the constant application can bring a disruption to the therapy.

15) Mites’ survival outside their host’s body
Demodex mites thrive in a wet/humid environment even outside their host’s body. They survive on humid towels, and they can still be observed alive in oil after more than three days. However, they die in a few hours when in a dry environment.

16) Complete mite elimination takes time
The treatment lasts long due to the life cycle of Demodex. You can kill the adult ones quickly, but their eggs and nymphs are deeply hidden in hair follicles so you need to make sure to eliminate the adult ones to prevent them from mating. It is easy in the case of Demodex folliculorum as appear on the skin surface. However, the second type, namely Demodex brevis, is harder to destroy as they hide deep in sebaceous glands and are hardly reachable when it comes to external treatment, which in turn, extends the treatment period.

As evolution progressed, the early stages of development designed protective systems, i.e., the eggs and nymphs are covered in a special kind of film that is impenetrable for the herbal or chemical substances that would harm them including pesticides and insecticides like ivermectin. That is why the elimination of adult forms is crucial – no adults, no new forms, no hatching eggs, no new generation every dozen or more days. Continuous treatment brings about the best results.

17) Side effects occurrence
Side effects may happen in the first few days after starting the treatment. The infections can be caused by decomposing bodies of killed mites. Each person has their own unique reaction to this process. Some people may think that there is something wrong and there are no effects of the therapy. In fact, it means everything is as it should be and the product is eliminating the mites. During the infection time, the ones with rosacea and acne may find it difficult to stand it, but the continuous, uninterrupted treatment will help to restore their skin cleanness and beauty in a short time.

18) Requirements for special measures in daily life

It would be the best to use personal items of everyday hygiene: combs, towels, bedsheets, and change them every day. Demodex will die when outside of its host’s body, but if left on wet items they can live more than two days and infect others.

Infected persons may not present any visible symptoms of infestation with mites, but they can still be a source of infection to you. So it is better to take a short and simple test if you are not sure. If the mites are there, undergo treatment to avoid re-infestation through a touch, hugs, pillows, or bedsheets.

If the person living with you shows no visible symptoms in the form of rash, acne, rosacea, etc. try living normally and wait. If symptoms occur after contact with your partner, consider treating him/her for the same condition.

Always wash your hands with soap and water after playing with your pets and do not allow them to touch your face.

19) My dermatologist thinks I am making things up  
In Western societies with classic medical programs, doctors often determine Demodex as the reason for a certain skin condition. It is different in countries like China and Russia where a sensation of itching or crawling is almost immediately recognised as Demodex presence. Even if some doctors diagnose the problem well, they do not seem to use the appropriate treatment, addressing it with pesticides, which poison your skin and your body. This helps only temporarily, and as mentioned above, they mate and the problem appears again. The aetiology of the condition is not known but, as some suggest, may have its origins in immune system changes. The test for mites’ presence is very simple and not time-consuming. However, awareness is the problem. Some doctors of Western medicine often do not react positively to patients’ suggestions as to the reason of their skin condition. Immune system temporary failure may be a reason for problems with Demodex. Persons with skin problems of unknown origin are strongly encouraged to contact us by email and to share their story. We could assist and hopefully restore your comfort of everyday life.

20) Why Chinese products ?
Western medicine has only recently started to be interested in researching Demodex’s harmful results on skin, whereas it has been researched for over three decades in China. The study included a substantial research of mites and the connections between the mites and bad skin conditions as well as trying to create a means for their destruction while leaving the skin unharmed.

Chinese healing treatments as well as herbal products are alternative practices of traditional Chinese medicine founded on 5000-year-old ancient knowledge.

Medical practitioners there use another approach to treat the condition founded in long natural healing experience. Our products are so unique due to the combination of two healing systems in them: Chinese and Western styles merge in their preparation and testing, making them very effective.

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