Did you know that… Demodex can be one of the main causes of rosacea?

It is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterised by skin lesions mainly affecting the cheeks, forehead and nose area, as well as the chin and neck. The skin changes are long-lasting and usually appear as reddened lumps, exuding pustules, erythema or telangiectasia, sometimes with edema.

The cause of rosacea is complex and not entirely clear, but most scholars believe that the disease is caused by a combination of factors such as Demodex mite infestation and accompanying bacterial infections, prolonged vasodilation (vasomotor nerve disorders), certain autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disorders (including the presence of Helicobacter Pylori), pollution, chemicals, detergents, cosmetics (especially those with alcohol content). In addition, the appearance of the skin may deteriorate due to: spicy spices and fatty food, alcohol consumption, emotions, external environmental factors, i.e. high and low temperatures, wind and sun.

Rosacea and acne vulgaris. 

The clinical picture and the age of the patient play an essential role in making the diagnosis. Rosacea does not occur during puberty, but it affects mature people, the earliest it may appear is in the second decade of life. On the other hand, acne vulgaris is characterized by the occurrence of people in the adolescent period and is mainly related to the puberty period and changes in the hormonal balance, including increased sebum production. In both cases, skin lesions usually affect the face, but may also appear in other places. The inherent process of both diseases is the formation of bacterial skin inflammations.

The above factors and the accompanying decrease in the body’s immunity create ideal conditions for the multiplication of Demodex mites. In healthy people, individuals of Demodex can be present in a small amount, without posing any threat and without causing any symptoms. However, in sick people, they occur in large numbers, multiply quickly and can easily spread to other parts of the body.

These microorganisms can be very bothersome and take their toll on their hosts. They are found almost everywhere, they travel with the dust, so it’s hard to avoid them. You could say where there are people – Demodex is there. Demodexes avoid sunlight because they are harmful to them, but they like warmth. We can observe their greatest activity at the turn of spring, summer and early autumn. This does not mean, however, that they are not dangerous during the cold season.


The general health condition has a significant impact on the course of therapy, its duration and the final result. During treatment, we should take care of general health, strengthen the body’s immunity and healthy nutrition. To remove mites, we use ZZ sulfur-zinc ointment and XFML cream with a unique composition of Chinese herbs and the content of Metronidazole. The mites do not have an anus, so they cannot defecate. The entire content of the food and the bacteria present in it decompose on the skin along with the dead mite, causing inflammation. Metronidazole eliminates inflammation, a mixture of herbs and sublimated sulfur are poison for demodicosis, zinc strengthens and improves the condition of the skin.  To naturally increase the body’s immunity, we can use Manuka honey, which shows, among others, bactericidal effect. Preparations containing Psyllium seeds and Plantain husk will help us to cleanse the body of toxins. Regular de-acidification of the body will be ensured by taking baking soda or alkaline powder with inulin, which is available in pharmacies. The therapy must be effective, and the treatment must be symptomatic and, above all, causal.


Daily care of acne-prone skin requires the use of appropriate cosmetics that do not contain harmful and irritating substances. In the case of rosacea, it is forbidden to exfoliate the epidermis with scrubs, rough gloves or abrasive products. Laser treatments that strongly heat the skin and can cause irritation are also not recommended. In the case of common / seborrheic acne, you should thoroughly cleanse your face and unblock the pores so that the sebum has a free outlet. Gentle peels and cleansing treatments are recommended. Moisturising the skin is of great importance, it will bring significant relief and soothing to the skin, as well as provide important minerals that will help in its regeneration. For this purpose, we use a linseed mask made of flax seeds boiled in boiling water.

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