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It’s a new generation of bacteriostatic and mite skincare products.



Fumanling – Anti Acne And Demodex Cream
The new Fumanling cream is a preparation meant for using in the case of infestation with Demodex mites. It’s an herbal product packed with concentrated herbal extracts with the addition of essential vitamins. The product is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology with highly effective ingredients and balanced active elements. It’s a new generation of bacteriostatic and mite skincare products.
According to scientific studies, 97% of adults have mites on their faces. Mites are natural enemies of healthy skin, and their reproductive ability is particularly strong. They mainly parasitize the area of the face. The product has bacteriostatic properties and eliminates mites, on top of that, it can regulate oil secretion and prevents the enlargement of pores on the face, prevents redness and other similar infections caused by mites. Prolonged use restores shine, smoothness and elasticity to rough skin. The cream has high compatibility. It does not interfere with the physiological functions of the skin. It is refreshing and feels pleasant after use, and is suitable for men, women, the elderly and young.

Before using any of the products, you must perform a skin test to see if there is an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Apply the cream on your elbow or forearm and wait a few hours.
If there are no disturbing changes, wash your hands and face thoroughly, preferably with a hypoallergenic fragrance-free soap and then wipe them well with a clean towel. The cream is best applied with a finger in several places so that it is evenly spread and patted later. Repeat two to four times a day. When used with sulphur ointment, do not mix both products at once.

Whenever possible, avoid using other cosmetics/preparations that may contain nutrients which feed mites or could enter into an undesirable reaction, as well as weaken the effect of the treatment. During therapy, you should avoid drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods and large amounts of sweets, which can affect the condition of the skin in some people. The creams are intended for external use only! Other use may cause poisoning!
Use creams in line with the guidelines and on a regular basis. Even if the symptoms have completely disappeared in a shorter period of time, continue therapy as recommended: a minimum of 90 days for Demodex Folliculorum and a minimum of 120 days for Demodex Brevis (present with eyelid inflammation). The duration of therapy may be longer in the case of problems with low immunity or other concomitant diseases. After the therapy, you can do a skin test to make sure the mites have disappeared for good. The suggested time is about two months from the end of using creams and cleaning agents.

Liquorice, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, alpha-Bisabolol, moisturising agent with marine polysaccharides, propylene glycol, mannitol, cetyl alcohol, glycerol, silicone methyl oil, deionized water, vitamin E.

The package contains 20g of product.

Children under 10 years, pregnant and lactating women, allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

Store in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. Observe the expiry date on the packaging. Keep out of the reach of children. The shelf life from the production date is 2 years.

Rinse immediately with a large amount of cold water if product comes into contact with the eyes.

Weight 65 g

3 reviews for Fumanling cream

  1. Ros

    I am satisfied. Can recommend it

  2. Simon

    This cream works well! You don’t need to go to the dermatologist if you have facial skin problems.

  3. Alan

    I’ll definitely buy it again. Good quality.

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