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Manzhitang Soap 20g

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Manzhitang Soap

Is a specialist soap removing mites from the hair follicles and the skin.

It is based on a traditional Chinese formula. It helps to naturally get rid of infections caused by mites eliminating them in a fast and safe way and preventing the recurring onset of invasion.

Manzhitang is based on a technology of surface inactivation originating from traditional Chinese medicine. It helps to instantly cleanse the insides of hair follicles from mites and many kinds of contaminants contributing to full recovery in this way.

The soap is used to treat recurring acne, acne rosacea, eruption on the face, post acne scars, dilated skin pores, yellow and pale skin, spots and itchy patches on the chest, back, inside and outside thighs.

Is it also effective in treating perifollicular keratosis and follicles inflammation. The product is very helpful in fighting blepharitis (eyelids’ edges inflammation) caused by Demodex mites presence. Due to Chinese medicine secrets it solves the problem of oily skin by pH factor regulation.

The product contains two unique herbal fusions originating from traditional Chinese medicine. They safely fight off toxins and contaminants, prevent bacteria growth and skin conditions like e.g. mycosis. The herbal fusion does not contain any hormones or scent additives. It is totally safe and can be used for a long time. The tradition of making Manzhitang soap has been present for 200 years.



Moisten the face or body with warm water. Evenly and delicately apply the product by massaging in the foam for 3-5 minutes in order to fully use its healing potential. While doing it you can feel the skin is absorbing in the ingredients of the product bringing the sense of freshness.

After around 20 minutes from cleansing ingredients have been fully absorbed and it is distinctly visible (the skin becomes whiter, more firm, pores are narrower).

After 30 minutes you can see the skin has become whiter. It is smooth and not oily anymore. After 2 weeks your skin problems like papules are definitely reduced, the mites stop multiplying and further use of soap helps to neutralise skin pH.

Ingredients: trametes versicolor, sophora flavescens, huang bai (cortex phellodendri), nelumbo nucifera (lotus), almonds, pearls, mint, peach flower, chrysanthemum

Product net weight: 20g

Counter indications

Possible allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. None more was indicated.


It is the best to store the soap in a separate container. The expiry date is 3 years from the production date.



In case the soap get into the eyes rinse them with cold water. The product does not cause irritations like the ordinary soap.