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Manzhitang cream

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Professional cream against acne and mites.

The Manzhitang cream is a specialized product created to fight the main types of acne: vulgaris, cystic, purulent, follicular and acne conglobata. The secret, multi-component formula combined with the technique of inactivation of the body surface, quickly, safely and effectively affects the hair follicles.

The Manzhi Tang cream is characterized with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and detoxic properties. The product can activate the physiological functions of cells, support the metabolism of the epidermis, furthermore it can be used not only on the face, but also on the body in problematic areas.

More than two hundred years of Manzhu Tang technique in combating acne and rashes allows to effectively solve the problem of folliculitis, keratinization of hair follicles, sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, inflammation and other skin problems.

Thanks to a special supplement in the form of two Chinese herbal medicines with a formula that eliminates mites, you can effectively remove excess sebum caused by their presence, oily skin, roughness, enlarged pores, and other symptoms.

Combined with anti-mite Manzhitang soap, it will help to effectively eliminate the source of the problem and prevent recurrence.
The product does not contain hormones and stimulants; its formula entirely composed of Chinese medicine ingredients is suitable for long-term use.


Prior to use, perform a skin test to see whether an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients occurs. Apply to the inner part of the forearm and wait a few hours. If no undesirable reaction occurs, the preparation can be applied to desired areas.

Apply the right amount locally on the skin, wait until full absorption. Apply twice a day. Apply a thicker layer in the evening, spread to absorb completely.

In persistent, recurrent and difficult cases, combine with anti-mite Manzhitang soap. This will allow to obtain a very distinct effect.


If possible, avoid using other cosmetics / preparations that may contain mite nutrients or could react with other agents, weakening the treatment. It is forbidden to drink alcohol during treatment and consumption of spicy foods and sweets must be avoided. Creams are intended for external use only! Other types of use may cause poisoning!

Use creams as directed and without interruption. Even if the symptoms have disappeared, continue the therapy. The treatment period is a minimum of 90 days for Demodex Folliculorum and a minimum of 120 days for Demodex Brevis. In some cases, treatment can be extended up to half a year. The effect of creams is highly visible. After the therapy, you may perform a laboratory test to verify the possible presence of mites.

Before the test, cease use for at least 48-72 hours for the correct result. Preparations designed to fight against demodex (e.g. soap) can be used prophylactically by healthy people – they remove Demodex from the skin prior to their spread.


Licorice root, barbed skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis), fish mint (Houttuynia cordata), honeysuckle, Chinese cork tree (Phellodendron chinense), Crown Imperial (Fritillaria), red peony incense (fragrant resin).


Allergic reactions to any components, others have not been found.

If the product gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of cold water.


Store the agent in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight. Observe the expiration date on the packaging. Store out of reach of children. Shelf life from the date of production is 2 years.

Product weight: 50 g