We treat Demodex, Acne and Rosacea

Delivery and Payment Conditions

Packaging and Delivery

Orders are packaged in accordance with technical and commercial standards.
We reserve the right to determine the transportation method and itinerary.
Shipment is usually carried out by a Royal Mail. After order is made via our website the payment for the purchased goods should be made within 3 working days.
from the date of an order by choosing one of the above mentioned forms of payment.
Once the payment is recorded as received bank transfer to the service’s bank account or confirmed through a Pay Pal payment system,
the status of the order is automatically changed to “Confirmed”.
The product is packed and prepared for shipment.
After posting the product to the customer, the status of the order is changed to “Complete”.
Failure to receive the payment within the specified period i.e. 3 working days from the day the order is made, results in the status of the order being changed to “Cancelled”.

Delivery Charges

The following shipment charges apply for every order:
a) shipping within UK:  £ 4.30, free shipping for orders of £ 100.00 or more
b) shipping within Europe: £ 12.00, free shipping for orders of £ 100.00 or more

Delivery Time

The delivery time in UK is approximately 1–3 working days ater shipping, in Europe approximately 3–5 working days. Worldwide, the delivery time is 5–10 working days.


www.demodex.co.uk service accepts the following forms of payment :
* PayPal electronic online payment system,
* direct bank transfer.